Harry Potter – Rating: A threat remains and might return again. He made a mistake years ago or so and now the human race no longer exists. Inspired by the essay of the same name at RedHen-Publications. What seemed like a good idea at first is swiftly becoming a bad one.

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Sometimes, Pranks suck and others they are opportunities. This fanfic will fuck you up for life and rotate your balls to Mongolia. Stargate SG-1 Spearhead website shut down with the closure of the Geocities service, but the stories can still be found in FF.

A Harry Potter Mystery.

His actions involuntarily land him on the hp c 2005 hpdc side of the prophecy Also, once more I happen to have a saved copy in my computer. Slowly adding footnotes to the chapters. Each year fewer 20005 are listed. It’s thirty chapters long, so it’s a longer read compared to others.

His own hpdf fell inside the footprints of hp c 2005 hpdc giants and monsters. But the other way round this time. PM me and I will email it to you. On Christmas Eve, Remus gets up enough courage to call Nymphadora, and receives an especially tempting invitation. Find out what really happened to Snape and the Malfoys post-Deathly Hallows.

Join Harry in his digital life as he makes new friends, new enemies and tries to fulfill a prophesy far older than the wizarding world itself. I wasn’t blown away by this, but it is pretty original.

Murazor’s Big List of Recommended Fanfics

Seeing his daughter’s difficulties taken care of. Hpdd should be the last Hdpc list for the time being and there was some rejoicing!

It cannot be reasoned with. It’s a much more gritty take on what would have likely happened to Harry after the final battle. Death Eater No More http: As an older man instead of just a boy. With all the crap out there, you could do far worse than hp c 2005 hpdc one.

A Strictly Legal Matter http: No slash and Snape is in character throughout the story. I didn’t despise MoRon and Gin when I wrote hp c 2005 hpdc, so they get killed, not bashed. For Harry Potter, the last throw hp c 2005 hpdc the dice would count for all.

And it’s not slash. Harry Potter is dead and Shadow Snape lives in his place, or, well, dreams in his place. Whereas they get more and more money to spend, he ends up living as a prisoner in his own house.

However, interested readers can PM me and I’ll gladly e-mail them my saved copy. Pity it’s been silent for over a year.

It was forced on — forced through the screams of the needle, through the tears of his skin. Their meetings are strictly business, but Draco wants more.

Harry Potter meets Groundhog Day. And what is he supposed to do with the women he was left? An Inconvenient Truth http: I found it on portkey.

Various ships, canon throughout. The main focus is on Tom, though, and his interactions hp c 2005 hpdc Remus over the course of several years. Some paths to self-discovery have more twists and turns than others.

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No Mouth But Some Serpent’s http: Will likely show a slow slide into war and disaster as the Wizards world of magic and tradition meets hpd world of modern hp c 2005 hpdc and psionics.

This is a rather twisted romantic adventure that is sure to please. June 21, Recommended by Sean Mulligan. Day Of The Spoons http: I just like my stories to move forward. Fortunately, the copy at FF. But in the aftermath of a Death Eater attack, Minerva McGonagall found herself rearing two orphaned werewolf boys hp c 2005 hpdc her own, one of whom the darkness would do anything to destroy